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Welcome to Senthil hospital.


A pioneer private health care institution offering medical service to the people of Sattur and its surroundings. Started as a small nursing home, Senthil hospital has now grown in to  a 44 bedded multi specialty hospital in Sattur.

We at Senthil hospital are committed to deliver quality healthcare to our patients,and always been a symbol of hope & trust over three decades for any one seeking healthcare service in Sattur.


This site provides information to existing patient and new patients who is in search of health care service provider in Sattur.  

Whats new

Eco friendly hospital

Senthil hospital, well known as patient friendly hospital , is  now  also an Eco friendly hospital.

Yes we strive to reduce our carbon foot print by having a roof top solar PV power system which meets 25% of our power needs .

We had also shifted to energy efficient LED  and CFL for our ligh…

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Bringing sound to their life

We had successfully provided free audiogram checkup and hearing aid to 140 patients so far.

Thanks to  Tamilnadu Chief minister's health insurance scheme, we are able to provide world class FDA approved hearing aid to hearing impaired patients completely free of cost.....finally bringi…

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